Use SIM card SDK to access and edit the contents of a SIM card. It is the result of more than a decade of experience in smart cards and mobile phone cards, it provides support for any SIM card type you can find anywhere in the world. One of our best products, SIM Manager, is built on top of this SDK, now you can take advantage of all of its features by rolling out your own version, adapted to your needs.

The SDK closely follows the GSM standards documented by 3GPP, ITU, ETSI and others. It also takes into account the fact that not all card manufacturers or mobile operators respect the standards entirely - we took care of all of those quirks; we processed tonns of pages of specifications, so you wouldn't have to do that on your own.


SIM card SDK technical details

  • Compatible with all types of SIM cards supported by SIM Manager: SIM, USIM, R-UIM, Nextel
  • Compatible with any Windows version
  • Distributed as a C DLL with a C# wrapper that helps you build software for .NET
  • The sample application walks you through all the features of the SDK, detailed comments explain what happens in the code
  • The SDK is updated as soon as we add support for new SIM card types or SIM files to SIM Manager
  • The expertise of our team of developers is at your service

SIM card SDK features

  • Phonebook entries, with full support of extended USIM and Nextel phonebooks
  • SMS (sent, received, drafts)
  • Own numbers
  • PLMN, FPLMN, OPLMN (lists of mobile networks to which the phone is allowed to connect)
  • Last dialed numbers
  • SDN (Service dialing numbers)
  • SIM card properties
    • ICCID
    • IMSI
    • ATR
    • SIM phase
  • View the state of PIN codes
  • Change and unblock PIN codes

Obtaining the SDK

To obtain a copy of SIM card SDK, please tell us what you want to use the SDK for. We'll get back to you with a quote and an explanation of what's the easiest way to implement your system.