Lifetime warranty

Dekart SIM Reader is a reliable device, designed to last forever - this is why we are happy to offer a lifetime warranty for it. If the SIM reader fails because of a manufacturing defect, we shall replace it at no cost, if the following conditions are met:

  • The case is examined by our helpdesk and we failed to resolve it
  • You send the old one to our headquarters and cover the expenses for shipping the new one
  • SIM reader was used within its specifications; problems like "my pet turtle ate it" or "I dropped it in lava" are not covered by the warranty


SIM Manager

We are confident that it is the best program in its class, you can see that yourself - take a look at the full list of SIM Manager's features.

Our team worked very hard to ensure that SIM Manager is compatible with all types of mobile phone cards around the world. It does not matter which country you live in, which mobile operator you are subscribed to, or whether your SIM card is a pre-paid one or not - it just works!

However, you have to be aware of the following details:

  • Many phones keep the contacts and SMS in their internal memory, rather than on the SIM card. If that is the case, SIM Manager will successfully read the card - but it will be empty. Explore your phone's menu, see if there is a "Copy to SIM" or "Store on SIM" feature, and enable it.
  • SMS recovery may not be possible for some phones - they will either overwrite the SMS when deleting it, or they don't keep it on the SIM card at all. Find out which deleted SMS can be recovered and which ones cannot.

SIM Explorer

An advanced SIM card analysis tool for forensic detectives, law enforcement officers and reverse engineers. Check out SIM Explorer's features to find out what it can do for you.

Other smart card applications

Dekart SIM Reader is a PC/SC compliant smart card reader, it can be used with various security applications for data encryption or user authentication. Have a look at our access control and encryption software.

It works with ICO-7816 microprocessor cards via the T=0 and T=1 protocols; with memory cards that support the I2C protocol.