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USB SIM Reader viewed from the top USB SIM Reader viewed from the bottom

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USB SIM card reader on a laptop USB SIM reader connected to the USB port of a laptop USB SIM card reader on top of a laptop USB SIM Reader reflected by a glossy surface

SIM Manager screenshots

Copy SIM card contents from one SIM to another SIM card  IMSI, ICCID, Phase, ATR, etc. Add prefix to selected contacts on a SIM card  second name, additional phone, group, category, etc)  Facebook, Yahoo, Google Import CSV contacts to a SIM card, indicating which mapping to use for various fields in the address-book Manage Nextel SIM cards PLMN management is very handy when roaming from one country to another Configure SIM card management software settings

Video tutorials

You can find more SIM reader videos on our Youtube channel.

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  • How to copy contacts from iPhone to SIM card via iTunes and SIM Manager